Superbee is one of Australia’s largest packers and suppliers of both bulk and retail packaged honey. We are experienced exporters, supplying our products to over 15 countries worldwide, and have the unique distinction of being the only honey factory in Australia with our own themed retail and tourism outlets.

About UsOur goal is to become Australia’s leading, fully Australian-owned packer of pure Australian honey and quality hive products, providing outstanding service to a global customer base.

Our primary domestic sales are to the food service and industrial markets, where we supply large multi-national companies. These clients require a high standard of professionalism, in both product and service, and our long term business relationships are proof we can deliver. Superbee Honey Factory also does a wide variety of privately labelled products for both our domestic and International customers. We are HACCP and ISO:22000 certified, as well as Halal and Kosher.

We have a team of 18 direct employees, processing in excess of 2,000 tonne of honey per year, with the capacity to greatly increase this volume. At Superbee, we aim to provide high quality and innovative products in order to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the field. We not only want you to be happy with our products and our service, we want you to be delighted! We consistently strive to not only meet, but excel beyond market demand for innovative, attractive products of the highest quality and for friendly and efficient service. Superbee Honey Factory is an Australian company with a progressive and continuing improvement history, making certain for us the future will be positively sweet!

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