Tasting Notes

The colour, flavour and aroma of honey is derived from the plant pigments and other materials secreted in the nectar, making the honey from each floral source unique.

Eucalypt is one of the bolder varieties of honey; rich amber in colour, it is mildly sweet with subtle notes of eucalypt. Its herbal flavour makes it perfect for stirring into tea.

Macadamia honey has a distinctive sweet and nutty flavor with a lovely floral scent. Sourced from the floral nectar of the Macadamia Nut tree, this deeply coloured honey goes well with fruit salads, ice-cream, toasts and herbal tea.

Superbee UMF® Manuka honey is sourced from New Zealand’s pristine forests, and is renowned for its unique, robust flavour and health benefits. It is rich amber in colour, with a barley-sugar flavor and distinctive caramel aftertaste.

Iron Bark is a beautifully soft and mellow variety of honey. With its slight toffee flavour and nutty aroma, it is a favourite flavour enhancer in baking, and makes a delicious addition to a smoothie.

Harvested in Tasmania from the Leatherwood tree, Tasmanian Leatherwood is a strong honey with a unique floral taste. Its distinctive spicy flavour makes it an ideal ingredient in recipes as it not only sweetens but adds a fantastic aroma.

Rainforest honey has a full body and a light fresh, floral aroma. Its mild, sweet taste makes it a favourite of the floral varieties, and it’s is hailed as an excellent sauce ingredient.

Superbee Floral Blend honey is a delicious mix of seasonal wildflowers. With a full body and a light fresh, floral aroma, this pure Australian honey has a mild, sweet taste.

Yellow Box honey has a smooth texture and is a soft, mellow and light honey. Harvested from the Australian Yellow Box tree, it is deliciously sweet and perfect to drizzle on cakes and bread.

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