Honeyworld, Currumbin

Honeyworld, CurrumbinSuperbee Honeyworld at Currumbin on Queensland’s Gold Coast draws tourists like bees to honey! Located just 5 minutes north of the Gold Coast airport, Honeyworld is a major tourist destination for thousands of visitors all year round.

Visitors experience the wonderous world of bees, and witness the amazing process from flower to delicious honey.

Watch as the bees produce honey in the hive, as our professional beekeepers explain the process and demonstrate how honey goes from hive to jar.
Click here to book a live beekeeping show.

Our Honeyworld store has an extensive selection of delicious Superbee honey varieties and hive products, which make excellent gifts.                                            35 Tomewin Street,
(opposite Currumbin Sanctuary)
Gold Coast, QLD 4223
P. (07) 5598 4548
F. (07) 5598 4549
E. honeyworld@live.com.au

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